Master Your Money, Master Your World.

What Is Money Class?

  • The Money Class is a 6-week online home-study course created by founder and CEO of Financially Wise, Inc., Brittney Castro, in which individuals can learn the foundational pieces of personal finance and money management.

  • With the help of six modules, worksheets, and audio recordings, individuals learn how to budget/ save their money, pay off debt, and create realistic financial goals.

  • For more information go here.


  • 10% commission on sales

  • Add work experience to your resume that is flexible and can fit to your busy school schedule

  • Form connections with other students on campus

  • Build lasting friendships with the other campus reps at your college

  • Learn how to manage your finances with the Money Class for free (valued at $497).


  • Promote the MC Program to other students on campus

  • Use social media and marketing tactics to sell the MC Program

  • Connect with clubs on campus to share MC opportunity with their members

  • Promote MC program in-person on campus

  • Collaborate with other MC campus reps to plan coordinated initiatives to sell MC program

Our Perfect Candidate

  • Enrolled in a four-year university

  • Highly-involved on campus (previous leadership experience in clubs preferred)

  • Highly-motivated, responsible, and detail-oriented

  • Business-related majors preferred, (but not limited to)

  • Knowledge of basic economic and financial principles

  • Knowledge of design and photo editing applications (ex: Canva, Adobe Photoshop, etc.)

  • Advanced knowledge of social media platforms

  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft applications

  • Commit to being an MC rep for the entirety of the school year once hired

  • Commit 6-8 hours per week towards campus rep responsibilities (on your own schedule)

  • Must be available on January 11, 2019 to attend a MC "Bootcamp" at our office in Century City, CA with Brittney Castro to review Money Class principles


In the email, include...

  • Your RESUME

  • AT LEAST THREE examples of social media captions and images you would use to promote the MC program

  • AT LEAST THREE examples of how you would promote the MC program on campus

  • Paragraph on WHY we should pick YOU to be a campus ambassador (e.g. special skills and qualities that make you a great fit for this job)


The Money Class was great!  I loved how Brittney was able to break down each aspect of managing your money into descriptive modules and videos, she really makes each topic easy to understand and describes them in simple terms.   It’s obvious that Brittney took the time to make sure the class would be user friendly and make everyone feel very comfortable, nothing intimidating at all.  My main take away was to live with a more abundant mindset and really appreciate everything that my money can do for me!  I joined the Money Class because I am working on becoming a small business owner and wanted to learn from a fellow female entrepreneur.  Since the Money Class, I was able to fine-tune my existing life/career/retirement goals and further clarify, when and how, I will achieve them!  I love the movement that Brittney has created by helping women with their money and I look forward to working with her in the future!"

- Chrystal Adams, Money Class Student

The Money Class helped me to tackle my $100,000 debt. In less than 3 years, my financial life changed for the better; I reduced my debt, started a small consulting business, became a first time home owner, got the courage to ask and get a raise for a contractor job, paid for my first vacation in years, and regained the hope of one day getting married and having kids, which was something that I had given up on prior to taking the Money Class. Working with Brittney Castro completely transformed my financial story. I feel happy and confident about my financial future and recommend that every woman enroll in this course so that they too can transform their financial future for the better.”

- Dixie Marroquin, Money Class Student

Brittney has helped me see that we need to be clear and direct with money. Money likes us to be grounded, rooted and detailed! Brittney is a huge LIGHT and she is so knowledgeable and informed about all the money stuff- investments, insurance, planning—she is amazing. What I love about her is that even with this plethora of wisdom, she never makes you feel less than or dumb. She is very down to earth and communicates in a way that empowers the heck out of her clients. I love this woman.

- Christina Dunbar, Money Class Student