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While I was in recovery after my surgery this spring, I experienced the power of "giving to receive "on a new level.

While I was in the ICU, I felt love coming to me from my friends, family, com...

I had fun traveling the cobblestone streets of London with three of my girlfriends. Call me nerdy but my favorite part was going to the museums. We ate great food, saw amazing sites, and laughe...

You can still have a ton of fun without spending a lot of dough.

More often than not I hear the statement... “But Brittney, if I save like I am ‘supposed to’ I’ll be bored out of my mind! All th...

A friend of mine recently took a vacation to the suburbs of Austin, Texas.  The cost of living in this location is MUCH LOWER than California. She looked at the price of a big beautiful home an...

Even I get a little sidetracked when it comes to saving money and this is something I teach my clients every single day.

For me, the sheer ease of spending money these days... amazon this, onlin...

Spend that money!

Whhhhhat? You never thought you’d hear a pesky financial advisor say SPEND!

Most of the financial industry talks about money from a frugality point of view. While I do value the...

Do you work for a company that provides you or plans on providing you stock options?

Most people have a minimal understanding on how to best maximize their company stock options. So rather than...

1099s. W-2s. W-9s. Deductions. Mileage. Withholdings.

You know what these words mean: tax season is here.

And if you’re entrepreneur, you also know that filing your taxes can sometimes be, ahem,...

By now you know I’m a big believer in showing your money lots of love. Whether it’s signing receipts with a heart or picking up coins that you see on the ground, a positive, abundant money mind...

As we continue the theme of #MoneyLove this month (are you following along with us on social media?), I wanted to share some of the ways my team and I work to create an abundance mindset.

I’m a...

In February, we talk about love a lot–romantic love, love between friends and family, love for ourselves.

But what about money love?

Your outlook about your money can make or break your relations...

Happy (almost) holidays!

Thanksgiving is next week and my calendar is already filling up with party invites, potlucks and gatherings. As I do every year, I’ve also started making my Christmas gi...

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