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Okay you did it! You got hitched OR you’re headed in that direction.  It's time to start thinking about merging the monies!!

Before you turn a blind eye or get into any sort of conflict. Have a...

Are you in your 30s? Think you should have started saving sooner?… Read on.

FEAR NOT! It is NEVER too late to get started on saving for retirement or other big goals you may have. 

Quiet that pes...

Do you feel drained by your financial life? 

Have you ever looked and your financial life and thought, “I need to do this differently? Like now.” And then feel like you spin into the “I have no...

Have you ever sat there daydreaming about that island vacation or what it would be like to redecorate your living room to be Pinterest worthy?

I feel you. 

Instead of wiping the dream from your e...

I recently underwent elective brain surgery to put a pipeline in a brain aneurysm my doctors discovered in December.

Because brain aneurysms run in my family, I was advised years ago to get a sc...

I know you might not believe it, but you can have the wealth you desire.

Sure you have some accounts in place, some savings set up and you’re doing well, but there is more waiting for you.

You mi...

Let’s get down to it.

Have you ever felt like your business life and your personal life have no boundary?

That’s because they often don’t. This crossover makes it doubly important to stay present...

Calling all women, everywhere who are brave enough to admit that sometimes they like to try and control life, their family, their partner, etc.

Oopsy! But yes, sometimes it happens!

I know I try...

To invest or not to invest? That seems to be a bruiting question.

There has been a ton of gossip about the stock market being a bit out of control lately.  

Perhaps you hesitate to invest or get...

I have a few dear friends getting married this year and it dawned on me that you might be wondering how to have a beautiful, love-filled event that won’t stress your bank account.

Even if you ar...

Don’t be serious about that cash-money, okay BAE?

Really, just like the rest of life, money has its ups and its downs. It’s when we get all serious about it that it stops the flow, creativity, a...

**This post is sponsored by H&R Block however the opinions shared in this blog post are all mine.**

I broach this subject with caution because I know doing your taxes can be as fun as your water...

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