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Hey there you financial vixen you.

Did you know you can have the relaxing summer heat, call of the ocean AND STILL have money compounding for you in the background?

OH YES. Because I know you’re...

Wrong thinking is what holds us back in all areas of life. We think one false thing to be true and it colors our whole vision of what’s possible.

I am here to remove those rose colored glasses,...

Those pesky “shoulds”! I know I so get it. I talk to professional women (and myself) all the time wanting to up their financial game but are torn between what’s immediate and what seems like wa...

Put down your text, stop reading your email and just stay with me on this one.

Investing is often pushed to the back burner way too often.

I don’t want you to wake up one more day without this ea...

Consumer use of financial advisors has increased significantly in the last five years from 28 percent in 2010 to 40 percent in 2015.*

It thrills me to know more peeps are getting on the "Money...

Hey girl, hey!

Question for yah...

Did you know that health related expenses are one of the number one draws from your money pot both now and especially in your retirement years?

‘Tis true, my dea...

Ever feel like UGH I am never going to figure this debt thing out?

Or how can I maximize the good credit I already do have?

I get it.

As a financial advisor for over a decade I have seen it all....

I hope you don’t mind me sharing a huge win with you...

And it really has to do with you, becuase it’s you that makes everything I do each day worthwhile.

So... I was recently declared a CFP PRO...

Hi Financially Wise Woman! 

Want to know one of the number one skills that has helped me most in my life and business?

First, let me start with that before feeling....

Have you ever gotten that kn...

Why is being badass visionary important for women?

Our definition of A badass visionary women is someone who: Receives abundantly for her coolness, is clear on her vision and creates from her de...

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