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New Video Series Launches! 9 Steps to Becoming a Financially Wise Woman

I am very excited about the launch of my NEW video series titled, 9 Steps to Becoming a Financially Wise Woman!

Over the next 9 weeks I will post short videos highlighting the 9 Steps I believe will help you Become a Financially Wise Woman. Here is a preview of the 9 Steps:

  • Step 1– Know where you Come from Financially

  • Step 2– Know Where you Currently Stand Financially

  • Step 3– Know What you are Trying to Achieve Financially

  • Step 4– Become a Master of Your Cash Flow

  • Step 5– Build a Cash Cushion

  • Step 6– Protect Yourself Against the Unexpected

  • Step 7 – Make Investing a Top Priority

  • Step 8– Raise Your Tax Knowledge

  • Step 9– Build a Support Group of Financially Wise Women

Whether you’re just starting your career, getting married, buying a home, raising kids, starting a business, approaching retirement, or simply taking control of your finances for the first time, now is the time to get the financial education you need to become a Financially Wise Woman.

Video Transcription:

The first step to becoming a Financially Wise Woman is– Know where you come from Financially.

What I mean by this is know your money history, your money personality and money values. These things shape how we make financial decisions today, so you will want to take some time to uncover them. First start with uncovering your own history with money. What you were told about money while growing up? Did your parents give you money advice or were the finances kept a secret? Were your parent’s savers or spenders? Were they able to reach their financial goals successfully or did they struggle to make ends meet?

Now that you have explored you money history, how has this information shaped the way you view money today? And what is your money personality? Are you a spender or saver? If you are like most women out there, chances are you have never even thought about these questions. Knowing your financial personality helps you manage your money more effectively by playing to your strengths and correcting any bad habits.

It is also good to explore and define the role money plays in your own life. What are your money values? Meaning, what do you want from money? Freedom, security, peace of mind? Money can mean a lot of different things to different people. Understanding your own money values will make it easier to develop a financial plan that focuses of these values and provides meaning to your life. Take some time to understand your money history, personality and values and you’ll be one step closer to becoming a financially wise woman. This is Brittney Castro, of Financially Wise, tune in next week for Step 2 of Becoming a Financially Wise Woman.

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