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Happy Anniversary to my new love- my Financially Wise Women Blog!

One year ago, I decided to launch my blog and now my new love is already a year old! My, how time flies!

As most of you know, I started the blog as a way to help educate women who want to take control of their financial future and provide a warm, friendly community for them to learn about various financial planning areas. I am very proud of the small successes I have had with the blog and was even named one of Top Ten Advisor Blogs by Registered Rep Magazine, a magazine for financial advisors.

Now I have to admit, I truly hated writing blog posts in the beginning, mainly because I never considered myself a writer. The only real papers I wrote in college had to do with economics, so they were very dry, factual and filled with statistics. I never developed good grammar or creative writing skills, so it has been a process learning how to incorporate writing into my schedule and creating systems to help me stay efficient with the blog. But now, after all the frustration and steep learning curves, I have to say I am absolutely obsessed with writing and blogging! Oh the irony!

What helped me finally get over the writing hump was realizing I did not have to be someone else when writing. I did not have to try to be a brilliantly accomplished writer, but just needed to find my voice and feel comfortable with it. I decided to allow myself to be vulnerable and start writing even though I was not, and am still not, the best writer out there. My process is to write what feels right to me and what I would want to read if I was on the other side.

And now I am addicted! It is such a great creative outlet for me and I actually enjoy the process. I get to share my passion for finance in a way that relates to women and in the way that feels right for me. And thanks to a great support team behind me, especially my editor Brandon, I am getting more and more confident with my writing skills.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey with me thus far and I look forward to many more years of our blogging relationship!

To celebrate I would like to thank everyone on my team for helping me make my vision for the blog a reality. Stephanie Sammons and her team at Wired Advisor, Alaia Williams of One Organized Business, Jaclyn Mullen of Jaclyn Mullen Media, Photographer and Director Paul Dimalanta, and last but not least, Brandon, my editor and #1 supporter!

So cheers to grow and learning and trying something new!