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Guest Post: 3 Tips for Getting Paid the Higher Fees You Want To Charge But Won’t Allow Yourself To-

I’ve found that many women entrepreneurs are underpaid, because they discount or undervalue their gift by establishing low fees or packages with tons of value that requires so much of their time! What I share today will show you how to get paid what you’re worth and it starts with you! Your money mindset, or what I like to call your money bank or financial mindset (your money thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors) is the foundation of charging the higher fees you want to charge, but haven’t granted yourself permission to do so. Below I share 3 tips that can help you to get paid what you really desire to be paid!

1.) Change your way of thinking – before you can start to charge higher fees and what you’re worth, you have to first change your thinking. That means get rid of those money road blocks that tell you, “I’m not experienced enough to charge that” or “My clients and customers can’t afford that”. This level of thinking will keep you stuck in the same financial rut in your business or even worse, put you out of business. Give yourself permission to create prices that position your business to sustain as well as grow.

2.) Understand your value – one of the key components in getting paid what you’re worth is to understand your value. What value do you bring to your clients? What sets you apart from those who may be in the same field? Clarity about the change and solution you offer for your clients and customers is essential to appreciating and recognizing your value. Go beyond the tools, processes, and systems that help you to bring about the solution, but rather focus on the outcome/benefits your clients and customers experience as a result of working with you! No you’re not robbing them, no you’re not breaking their bank, you’re simply providing the opportunity for them to invest in changing and improving their lives!

3.) Re-evaluate Your Pricing – oftentimes the prices we set for our services doesn’t reflect the true value that we set out to portray. They also tend to attract the wrong clients. When your established prices are value derived and benefits calculated, those potential clients who really need what you have to offer will understand the worth and significance of your services. Take time to re-evaluate your current pricing structure and packages. What are your prices saying about you? Do the pricing structure and packages you have in place now support a sustainable business and your desired lifestyle?

If you are reading this, you are not alone! Most women entrepreneurs, me included, have struggled with charging what we’re worth, because we want to remain heart-centered and ensure that we’re always serving. However, when we undervalue our gift we do a disservice to ourselves and the clients we are called to serve.

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