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Social Media Expert- Ask the Expert with Jaclyn Mullen

Why is social networking an important aspect of becoming a Financially Wise Woman?

Social networking essentially turns the online space into a virtual classroom. Through blogs, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, you can learn various tips, tricks and language pertinent to building your confidence and comprehension of money management. Social networking also helps us become WISE with regard to how we can build our net worth, and let’s face it, learning about money is more fun when you can share a great article or success story with your closest group of girlfriends. Strength in numbers, always!

Would you like to share any financial success story with us?

I won’t ever forget the feeling of pride I experienced in paying off my first student loan! It was $980.00, I allocated an amount monthly to pay it off and was very excited that doing so would build my credit. I also think it’s a success that I only have only one credit card that is open! As a matter of fact, my credit line actually went up as a result of my good payment history.

Would you like to share any money challenges with us?

Being self-employed, managing cash flow is always a challenge—not the act of it, just the stress of juggling. You have to know the literal in’s and outs of your business. What’s coming in as far as earnings, what’s going out as far as costs are concerned. To manage the stress, I have put myself on a budget. I’ve been stocking up on groceries, eating in rather than eating out and paying down any outstanding debts (health insurance premiums, credit cards, etc). I also shift my perspective and look at these challenges as workouts! Rather then nourishing my body, they help me strengthen my spirit and ability to remain calm under pressure—a trait you need to master whether personally or professionally.

“All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea”

-Napoleon Hill

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