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Family Law Attorney-Ask the Expert with Vanessa Soto Nellis

Why is California family law knowledge an important aspect of becoming a Financially Wise Woman?

California family law affects all of us – we are either married, want to be married, divorced, have kids, have family members who are married, etc. When you get married in California, you enter into a financial partnership with your spouse. Credit card companies can come after you to try to collect money owed if one of your racks up debt. No one tells you about California law when you get married, but the rules apply to you. I think it is unfair. I find it unfortunate that spouses are hearing from me what laws apply to them at the end of the marriage, when they are getting divorced.

What tip can you give women regarding California State Law?

Be proactive about your finances. Do not depend on someone else. I tell women to open the mail – read the bank statements, read the notices, so that you know what is going on in case something happens to your significant other. Some clients are shocked to find out how much debt their spouse incurred to fund their marital lifestyle.

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