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Do you use Task Rabbit?-Ask The Expert With Jaime Hansen

How can TaskRabbit help women?

TaskRabbit is a service that can help you get more things done (cross things off your well-meaning, but never finished to-do list) at a price that makes sense for you, as in individually. On TaskRabbit you name the Task that you need done (cleaning, addressing holiday cards, website design, handyman tasks, etc.) and you name your price, saying how much you’d be willing to pay to have someone do that job for you. Then our community of vetted, background-checked (these are not off-the-street randoms), compete against each other and bid their price. Only one will get they job, so they are going to bid their best (and lowest) price, making you the ultimate winner. You can then see their bids, their reviews, and their profiles and make an informed decision as to who you’d like to do your Task.

What tip can you give women regarding TaskRabbit?

When I first heard about TaskRabbit, my first thought was that it was for people that were too lazy to do their own things. Honestly! Then, the more I got into it and explored the site and brainstormed on what I could use it for, I realized that the core demographic of users were Women and it was because they were the ones who best knew how to multi-task and delegate. It was the opposite of them being lazy, in fact they were being more productive! TaskRabbit enables you to be in multiple places at one time, to accomplish more in your day than you otherwise would have – you just need to be organized and comfortable figuring out what you can and can’t delegate to someone else.

What was the best piece of money advice you were taught growing up or learned during your lifetime?

Two things 1) Learn to Save, and 2) Know your options. The first one is self explanatory and has served me very well. I have always been a very good saver and refuse to dip lower than a certain point (ever) in my bank account. The second took me a little longer to learn but has also proved invaluable. It’s about knowing that you have options and taking the time to review them. Options can be a variety of things – it can be a variety of ways to invest your money, but mostly for me it means a variety of ways to spend my money. Life is expensive and things are not free, but rarely is there only one price for something and only one option. Usually you can find several options that differ for whatever reason and if you do your homework you can make a very good, informed decision.

What does being a Financially Wise Woman mean to you?

A financially wise woman, to me, means that a woman is independent, not reliant on others financially, and capable of making good, solid decisions about money. It means she researches options, understands value versus just sticker price, and is comfortable asking questions and making informed actions based on her research and understanding.

You can go to and post whatever Task you need done. The beauty is that you name your price – so you decide how much it is worth it to you to have this service done. You make the decisions, you call the shots. We just help get it done.

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