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Work-Life Balance Tips for Women-Ask The Expert with Julie Lacouture

Why is work-life balance an important aspect of becoming a Financially Wise Woman?

If we could all work 24/7 we could all be millionaires, but the fact is that we all have more responsibilities in life than our jobs. We’re parents, partners, and people! Being able to ramp up and down in your career is an important aspect of maintaining your career and ensuring that you can build income throughout your lifetime.

What tip can you give women regarding work-life balance?

  • Understand what you are an expert in. The folks that have the most opportunities are those that understand their personal brands. They promise results and deliver every time.

  • Figure out what work-life balance means to you. You might not get it on a daily basis, but what does it look like in general?

What was the best piece of money advice you were taught growing up or learned during your lifetime?

My mother told me to think of a credit card as a loan you get for a month, and no more.

What does being a Financially Wise Woman mean to you?

It means having a realistic plan for reaching your goals and taking calculated steps to get there.

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Britt Castro, CFP® and Founder of Financially Wise Women

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