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Money Talks with your Partner-Team Huddles

Money effects every decision we make from the kind of coffee we drink to the cars we buy.

Yet so many couples still do not talk about money with each other. Often times, couples do not talk about money because when they do it always ends with a fight or even more stress than before. However, making sure you understand your partner’s approach to money and understanding your differences will pave the way to a better connection, clearer communication and more love!!

So how do you start talking about money with your significant other?

Well, everyone is different and depending on your communication styles and etc will require a different approach. The approach I use is the Team Huddle approach. We came up with the idea of Team Huddles after recognizing that our own money talks were not as effective as they could be. You see I am a bit different being a financial planner, I talk about money constantly and would come home and expect my partner to want to talk about it 24/7 also. Well, finally I realized that even though we could talk about it all the time, even that was not healthy. So we decided we needed to make our money discussions more effective by scheduling specific time to discuss these topics. Therefore, we came up with the term Team Huddles and started having team huddles weekly.

During our team huddles, we talk about money, our short and long term personal and financial goals, and also anything else that is going on within our relationship.

I encourage you to schedule your first Team Huddle with your significant other if you aren’t doing it already.

The first item on the agenda might be to identify your money personalities or money history. You can watch my earlier videos about these topics to help you. If you have kids, I would also suggest doing family huddles where you start to incorporate your children into the financial decision making.

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