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Yoga & Meditation with Joey Soto- Ask the Expert

Tell me about your business and how you help women?

I teach yoga and meditation to women to help them find balance in their lives. Many of my clients are professionals leading very busy lives and I teach them techniques for releasing stress. As women, we tend to hold stress in various areas throughout the body and certain yoga poses and breathing techniques help let go of tension.

What tip can you give women regarding yoga, meditation and stress?

Practice calming your mind. Try this simple technique: Breathe 4 counts in through the nose, 4 counts out through the nose for 5 rounds. Listen to the sound of your breath and bring yourself to the present moment. A lot of stress comes from thinking about the past or future anticipation, if we use our breath to just focus on the present, we can eliminate a lot of stress and unnecessary worry. Also, if you tend to have negative thoughts, try to pause and replace the thought with something positive. For example, if you’re nervous about money and think, “I just don’t have enough money” replace that statement with, “I’m grateful for the abundance of money in my life”. It’s important to put a new positive thought in place of the one you’d like to let go of.

What does being a Financially Wise Woman mean to you?

Being financially wise means living with balance. It’s okay to have occasional splurges, as long as you bring yourself back to the equilibrium. One’s spending habits are a reflection of what you value in life; Money is simply a physical representation of this value. Being financially wise also means investing in one’s self. If you invest in health & wellness, you are creating a balance from the inside out. I spent 8 years in the corporate world saving up and investing in my passion for yoga, and now I enjoy teaching yoga as well as consulting, which provides me with a balance of skills, service, and financial stability.

Joey Chella Soto, Certified Yoga and Meditation Professional,,

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Joey Chella Soto is not affiliated with LPL Financial or Perennial Financial.