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Bye Bye Good Girl- Ask the Expert with Christina Dunbar

Why is being badass visionary important for women?

Our definition of A badass visionary women is someone who: Receives abundantly for her coolness, is clear on her vision and creates from her desires and is a woman who is clear on her truth and is able to speak it.

Would you like to share any money challenges with us?

My money challenges were really tied to my worth and how I thought of myself. I am an entrepreneur and a speaker/performer and being an entrepreneur is really a spiritual journey. When I declared that I wanted to make money through my business and my talent as a performer, all my stuff came up and it completely affected my money. I am what I call a recovering Good Girl gone badass, so at one time I was super shy, I was a perfectionist, and played really small. The Good Girl in me didn’t want to be too bright or shiny and I felt a lot of shame around my worth. I actually manifested that shame physically by having pain in my ovaries, which is really that sacred space where we create and birth and receive… and that shame I felt around my RIGHT to receive totally played into my money story. If you don’t feel worthy enough to receive, it’s really difficult to make money as a heart centered entrepreneur. (I’ll move into talking about what I did to work through my shame and how I began to step out to be seen and create money flow)

Christina Dunbar—Speaker, actress, and success coach for good girls ready to go badass in their personal and professional lives

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Britt Castro, CFP® and Founder of Financially Wise Women

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