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Mentors are So Cool!

So you are confused about what do in your business or the career change you need to make, now what?

Get a mentor.

Really! I think having a mentor can help you so much in life. I am a member of the Step Up Women’s Network and recently had the pleasure in participating in their mentor program. My mentor is Liz Dennery Sanders, who is the founder of and an expert when it comes to all things branding. I chose Liz as my top pick because where I was at in my business growth and all the re-branding I was doing. Having Liz as me mentor has helped me tremendously in business but also in life. We were able to connect and talk about my values, love, health, wealth, business, dogs, and so much more. In my opinion the biggest benefit from working with a mentor is having a constant sounding board and unconditional support in my life. I am so much more confident about the direction I am taking in my life and my business and I am so thankful for Liz and her endless guidance and advice.


For all of you who do not know Liz yet, you must! She is creating a NEW workshop that starts in June called the Awesome Brand program and you will not want to miss out. You can see all that she is up to on her website

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