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Divorce Recovery Coaching for Women & Moms- Jeanie Rule

Tell me about SoloMama and how you help women?

I help women navigate the divorce process and rebuild their lives after divorce.

What tip can you give women regarding divorce recovery?

The quality of your life is entirely up to you. Take responsibility for it.

What does being a Financially Wise Woman mean to you?

Being a woman who respects her financial health and is willing to learn and grow in order to have a sound financial life.

What was the best piece of money advice you were taught growing up or learned during your lifetime?

I was never given and advice about money. None. It was a big, shameful secret in our house, and that hurt me later in life. I still have much to learn about money, but with my children (especially my daughter) I have always tried to make money and investments safe to learn about – there is no question that is too silly or ‘stupid’ to ask and there is always an answer. Also, I think it’s very important to make the energy around money be positive, even in difficult times. It should never be experienced as shameful or bad.

What is one of your money values?

To pay my bills on time.

What is a favorite money quote or affirmation?

“I always have, and will always have, all my needs met.”

Jeanie Rule, Divorce Recovery Coach for Women & Moms; Founder of

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