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Debt Settlement with Rosanna Savone

Tell me about your business and how you help women?

At McCarthy Law, we have focused our entire practice on workout, also known as debt settlement. Workout entails an arrangement negotiated between a creditor and a debtor as a way to take care of a debt. Basically, I negotiate large reductions in our clients debts helping them avoid bankruptcy.

What tip can you give women regarding your service?

The best tip I can give a woman, whether married, single or divorced, is to face any financial problems they may have today. Hope that money will come in the future to pay off debts is not a financial strategy! Be aware that every day you bury your head in the sand and/or wish your financial problems away, you are losing more and more money.

What does being a Financially Wise Woman mean to you?

It means being an active participant in your finances and being authentic with where you are financially. For example, being an active participant means having a budget and more importantly KNOWING our budget before we make a purchase. Being authentic means not purchasing a great pair of heels if we can’t truly afford them. The only way to accumulate wealth for the future is to be authentic to where you are today in your life. Otherwise, you will only have a closet full of scuffed shoes that cost you a ton in credit card interest!

What was the best piece of money advice you were taught growing up or learned during your lifetime?

My parents always told me that it’s not what you make, it’s what you save.

Rosanna Savone, Attorney at Law,,

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