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3 Ways Mediation can Help you through your Divorce

Tell me about your business and how you help women?

Divorce is such a wrenching process. Even when you think you are emotionally prepared for it, it is painful. This is a time when you don’t know how much you can really trust your spouse, yet you have to do significant work with this person to set up your “after-marriage” life. There are 3 primary ways that I help women when their marriage is breaking up:

  1. I help them maintain their integrity and self-esteem throughout the process.

  2. I support them by helping create a fair and equitable settlement.

  3. I help women move more successfully and smoothly into the next stage of life by identifying resources for them.

What tip can you give women regarding using mediation to resolve your marital dissolution?

The end of the marriage status between spouses doesn’t have to be the end of your family or even your relationship with your spouse. It can be the transition to the next phase. When a marriage looks like it is ending and the spouses think about separating, many women think it will involve litigating the issues in court. You don’t have to go to court to get a divorce. Mediation is often a more effective way to resolve the issues of the separation. You retain more control over the transition of your family relationship. I want to encourage women to try mediation first. I have seen statistics showing mediation is growing by 30% a year because of its benefits – including the statistical evidence that people abide by mediated solutions more often than litigated orders. We think it is because they participated in them and understand the terms better.

What does being a Financially Wise Woman mean to you?

A Financially Wise Woman in the context of a marriage break up would be someone who knows and keeps aware of their finances. A Financially Wise woman who starts into the process of a marriage break up will familiarize herself with all the finances – assets, debts, income and expenses. She will develop a keen understanding of the family’s financial needs. If you are a woman who has not done this in the past, you may find the subject a bit intimidating and the documents like tax returns, broker’s statements and retirement accounts confusing. If you feel intimidated by these things, set up an appointment with someone like Brittney who does financial planning and feels comfortable with these subjects. Get some guidance about how to become financially aware and financially wise.

Penny St. John

Marriage & Family Law Attorney/ Mediator

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