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What do women REALLY want?

"Tell me what you want, What you Really, Really want"

Oh, the question every man wishes he knew the answer to! Although I’d love to enlighten men everywhere as to what we as women really want, I’m actually just referring to what we want out of the financial services industry. You see, so many women who meet with me to discuss financial planning tell me how, in the past, they’ve felt misunderstood by the financial profession as a whole. Being a woman myself, I know exactly how they feel. Women want different things from the financial professionals we work with and different things from money itself. That’s why I work hard to maintain and update my business model to serve my clients in the ways they want and need: Because I believe they deserve it. They deserve the best service possible from me or any other financial professional/firm they work with, and I’m committed to helping the rest of the financial services industry realize this fact.

So what do women really want from the financial services industry?

Well, in my opinion, we want:

  1. Holistic advice

  2. Simplicity

  3. Clarity

  4. Less stress

  5. Less worry

  6. Peace of mind

  7. Freedom

  8. A professional who helps us and understands us

  9. A financial plan that focuses on our values in life

  10. The ability to take care of our family and give back to our community

  11. To make a difference in the world

  12. A financial foundation that allows us to lead the life we dream of

Do you want any of these same things? In my research and experience as a financial planner for women, I’ve found that most women agree with 90% of the list above.

So now what? Well, now the work begins. Once you become clear on what you want from the financial services industry, you can go and seek out the right people and firms who will deliver it—and help you become the Financially Wise Woman you know you’re meant to be.

To help you get started, I’ve listed some resources below to help you further your financial awareness and education. Hopefully, as you do your own research and learn what it is you want from the financial services industry, you’ll be able to connect with the people and firms who can deliver it. And of course, I’m always here to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to reach out to me here.

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