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So what is a Badass anyway?

Today’s post is from Christina Dunbar, actress, speaker, writer and co-creator of the Bye Bye Good Girl Movement.

So what is a Badass anyway?

Hmmm*pause for thought*

It may be many different things depending on the source from which the badassery comes from.

Mysterious, I know.

But that’s why I like the term Badass; because you can mold it and shape and delight in it as you freak your truth. It’s such a personal word–unlike so many words that just mean what they mean. Like cheese.

Anyhoo, if you feel the need for a little peek-a-boo (or a huge shove) into your badass, here’s my list (by no means complete) of the top 13 ways to activate that Bad MambaJamba within you.

  1. Fire Drill! Run around your car. At a red light. Wearing nothing but a bathing suit and cowboy boots as you shout, “I love life!” Side note: this activity can be done with a partner (friend, husband, or teddy bear will do.

  2. Wear red pumps. Or purple fishnets. Just cuz.

  3. Act on instinct. Yes, this means let go of “thinking” and honor that magical, elusive thing called intuition. PS. It’s only elusive cuz you don’t use it enough.

  4. Forget the rules. Don’t even make your own rules. Just replace the word rules with “beliefs.” For example, “I believe money falls from trees.”

  5. Initiate sex.

  6. Do it with gusto. You know that super seismic make- you- wanna- pee- your- pants dream that you want so bad… but you deny it cuz of above mentioned “rules?” Go for it. With gusto.

  7. Take a different approach. When you feel like quitting seismic dream from a case of the double D’s (doubt and disillusion) re-approach said dream with a twist, a shift, a tweak.

  8. Color your hair pink. Or at least a strand of it.

  9. Turn your strange ways into unique genius. So yeah, take that love of sea life, painting, and fashion and offer one of a kind hand painted starfish necklaces to fashionistas.

  10. Set your morning alarm to go off playing Madonna’s single “I’m not sorry.” And keep that mantra with you all day.

  11. “I am worth taking up space.” Say it till you feel it.

  12. Share that dark secret. And watch as the heaviness just… disappears.

  13. Creative Entrepreneurs: Combine sacred service + your unique self-expression = raise your rates to match the genius

To that wicked badass in you,

Christina Dunbar

Christina is an actress, speaker, writer and co-creator of the Bye Bye Good Girl Movement.

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