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Why Women Need a Financial Planner!

Hi everyone, this is Brittney Castro, Certified Financial Planner and founder of Financially Wise Women. Okay so I recently wrote a blog post about this but I feel the need to also do a video about it because there is a huge issue going on in the financial industry that I believe needs to be addressed.

So Here it is:

Only 20% of women investors have a financial planner, but 70% would like to work with one.

Now, you’re probably thinking exactly what I’m thinking-

Why is there still such a huge disconnect between the women who have a financial planner and the women who want a financial planner?

Well, in my opinion, the disconnect lies in this fact:

Less than 8% of ALL financial advisors/planners/professionals in 2012 are female.

I know right. Can you believe it? In 2012!

So I think the majority of women want to work with a financial planner but just aren’t relating or connecting to the ones out there because a majority of them are male.

Now I believe this to be true because women tell me all the time how they don’t relate to or connect with the male financial planners they’re working with (or have worked with in the past). That’s why they come see me. Now, I’m not saying that women can only work with women financial planners, but from personal experience I do know that most male financial professionals do not communicate with their female clients effectively.

I see women clients who are left feeling confused, misunderstood and judged by the professionals out there. Women view money differently and therefore need a different approach.

I’m starting my seventh year as a financial planner and I’m still amazed at how old school the industry really is. When I attend financial conferences, I’m one of only a handful of women financial planners, and I’m usually always the youngest. I stick out like a sore thumb. I feel the same judgments and miscommunications many women feel when they finally decide to start working with a financial planner.

The good news is there is a huge movement within the financial industry to change the way financial institutions and professionals do business and communicate with their female clients.

So how can you help in this movement? Simple. Demand more. From the financial instituionas and professionals you work with.

If you are currently working with a financial planner who you still do not feel 100% comfortable with, stand up for yourself by communicating with them what it will take for you to feel that way. Or if you’ve been holding off on meeting with a financial planner, seek out someone who you do relate to and feel comfortable with.

The more you demand more of us, the more we will have to step up our game to serve you the way you deserved to be served. You are so powerful and strong and deserve nothing but the best from the financial industry so help us help you by asking more from us.

You can even request a FREE Discovery consultation with me to see if I’m a good fit for you. You have nothing to lose. I will not judge you; I’ll only do my best to help you, whether that’s by working with me or someone else.

Join the 20% of women who are working with a financial planner to gain control of their financial lives and create the life of their dreams.