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Yoga Does a Body and Financial Life Good

Being a financial planner, I see a lot of people who try to manage their financial lives as a separate part of themselves. They want to know the tactical approach to planning out their financial future and ignore the emotional and spiritual connection they have to their money. However, in my opinion, the most financially successful and spiritually fulfilled individuals are the ones who see the connection between their money and spiritual life. They use their money to create a life they love that allows them to serve the world from a higher capacity and fulfill their dharma in life.

In my own financial life, I can tell you that once I devoted myself to a regular meditation and yoga practice, I began to immediately see the positive benefits in my financial affairs. In case you’re new to yoga, meditation or taking control of your financial life, I wanted to share exactly how yoga has helped me in my financial life to inspire your own mind, body and soul connection to your money.

Yoga has helped me…

1. Strengthen my mindful spending

I define mindful spending as spending consciously on the things that bring us the most joy and satisfaction in life. They are usually in alignment with what we value most in life. I thought I was good at mindful spending before, but since yoga, I’ve become a champ at it. By learning how to stay aware of my thoughts in yoga, I’m now much better at figuring out if my purchases are mindful or not. I constantly ask myself,

“Do I really need this?” or

“Will this bring me joy and happiness in life?”

If I can honestly answer no to those questions, then I don’t buy it. Without this hyper-awareness of what we’re spending our money on, a lot of money can fall through the cracks or be used for things we really don’t need or that won’t bring us any happiness in life.

2. Gain more strength

A lot of people start practicing yoga for stretching and flexibility. However, what I’ve learned is that you get really strong by practicing yoga. Not only physically, but mentally, too. By practicing breathing techniques throughout class, one can develop a mind strength that can be very useful in your financial life. With a strong mind, you can easily recognize limiting money beliefs that you may be holding onto and never have noticed before. Beliefs like not having enough money or feeling unworthy of receiving money often race through our minds without us even knowing it. It’s imperative that you strengthen your mind to be able to control and overcome these negative beliefs around money, as they are not serving you or your financial life. By practicing staying in the moment, you can acknowledge your negative money beliefs when they arise and change them into positive beliefs that will serve you. Positive money beliefs like, “There is always enough money” or “I am worthy of receiving lots of money” may seem crazy at first, but these (true) statements can work wonders in your financial life the more you practice and believe them.

3. Boost my confidence

During one of the very first classes I attended, the yoga teacher came over to me and said, “You know, you can get really good at yoga if you keep practicing.” I immediately lit up and thought it was one of the best compliments I’d ever received. Now I have so much more confidence in my yoga practice just because my teacher made that one comment to me. I think this type of confidence booster is all we need in our financial lives. I hear a lot of people say, “I’m horrible with money” or “I have no idea how to save money.” Maybe these statements are currently true; however, with practice you can get really good at managing your money and saving for your goals. The best way to get better at anything is to commit to becoming educated on the subject. You can start by reading personal finance books or meeting with a financial planner. Whatever you decide is right for you, the important thing is to commit to taking action. I, too, believe you can get really good at managing your money if you keep practicing.

4. Learn the power of acceptance

In yoga, you learn how to show up, set your intentions and then let go and accept whatever the outcome is from there. This practice acknowledges that some things in life we have no control over, so it’s better to focus your attention on the things we can control, like our intentions and corresponding actions. No matter what may be happening in your financial life today that you’re not thrilled with (you just lost your job, you have debt, you’re not investing), learn to accept where you currently stand and love yourself regardless of your financial situation. Once you do that, you can then take the necessary steps toward improving your financial situation and working toward creating a better future.

Hopefully this list has helped you understand more ways to improve your financial life, and who knows, maybe you, too, are ready to start practicing yoga! Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose–expect maybe $20 or $30 for the class.