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Do Women Still Have it Harder Than Men in Their Financial Lives?

You go to work, spend your money how you see fit, and live your life each day never thinking about how all that came to be. Not so long ago, women in this country couldn’t enjoy the financial freedom we take for granted today. The story of women and money is an interesting one and it is only when you take a look at the big picture that you can begin to appreciate how far we’ve come.

This week I thought I’d share cool facts about how far women have come in the financial landscape and the challenges that still exist for us.

For all you men reading this, stay tuned for the next few emails this month as I will be talking all about increasing your net worth and asking for more money, which applies to both men and women. In the meantime, watch the video below so you too can be understanding of the challenges women still face when it comes to money.



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