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3 Tax Strategies For The Self-Employed

I know taxes can be overwhelming and stressful, especially as a self-employed individual. In addition to managing your day-to-day finances, you’re now responsible for paying your fair share to Uncle Sam every year and maximizing all the tax strategies as a self-employed individual. That’s a lot to think about!

So on today’s Ask The Expert, I thought it would be great to bring on another finance expert who knows a lot about tax strategies for the self-employed. Michael Kitces, is a financial planner, author, commentator and educator. I turn to Michael’s blog, A Nerd’s Eye View, often to get the latest dosage of financial information and updates. He is super smart (he has way more letters after his name than I do) and in our interview he shares 3 tax strategies for the self-employed.

If you work for yourself, then make sure you watch this video to learn the 3 tax strategies you may be able to qualify for this year. Of course, as always, make sure to consult with your tax advisor or CPA as we do not provide tax advice.






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