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Take Charge Of Your Money, Become A Soldier Of Finance

Happy Wednesday!

I have a confession to make: I’m a total book junkie. That’s right, I’m totally obsessed with books and am a frequent customer of Amazon and iTunes, where I buy three to five books per month. The good news is I actually read about 95% of the books I buy, so it’s an addiction that I completely justify financially since I feel like I totally get my money’s worth! So now that you understand how much of a book addict I am, you’ll understand why I get so excited when my friends become authors and write their very own books! And today one of those friends, Jeff Rose, fellow CFP® and financial blogger, comes on the Ask The Expert show to talk about his first personal finance book, Soldier of Finance. In his book, Jeff shares personal stories about his time fighting for our country and how the principles he learned as a soldier can also be applied to one’s financial life, allowing you to really take control of your financial future regardless of where you currently stand. Jeff is an amazing person and someone I highly respect in our industry, and I’m so proud of his great work in this book. Even if you’re not a soldier, I recommend reading his book, as he does a great job of explaining financial concepts and strategies. Watch our interview now and make sure to leave a comment below the blog post–I love hearing from you.






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