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How Do I Get Disability Insurance as a Self-Employed individual?

Approximately 30% of all people age 35-65 will suffer a disability for at least 90 days.

Consider the odds: During your working years, it is more likely you will face a disability than die.

In fact, for a male age 35, the odds are nearly 2 to 1; for a female age 35, almost 3 to 1.*

However, since disability insurance is not state mandated, like some other types of insurance (think auto and home insurance), most people never take the time to really explore this type of coverage and see why it makes sense for them to get this income protection in place. You see, as a business owner, you are, for the most part, in control of creating your own income. If you become too sick or injured to do your work and produce an income, what will keep the money flowing into your life to pay the bills and save for your financial future? That’s where disability insurance comes in. It allows you income protection and gives you peace of mind that in the event you actually do become too sick or injured to work, the financial foundation you’ve worked so hard to create will not be completely destroyed.

If you’re self-employed or run your own business, you must watch this video. I’ll explain what individual disability insurance is, and what to consider when applying for this type of coverage.

*Source: Health Insurance Association of America; The New York Times, February 2000, as published in The JHA Disability Fact Book, 2003 Edition.






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