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Redesigning Your Dream Life, What’s It Going To Cost You?

Hope you’re having a stellar week so far. Can you believe we’re only a few weeks away from a new year? Time flies when you’re having fun!

Today, though, I have a serious question for you: How much money do you need to live your dream life?

This is a great follow-up to last week’s video, where I talked about creating your dream life and the financial goals to support it.

You see, a lot of people say they want to make more money, but they never get clear about how much more they need–and what they’ll actually do with all that extra money once they have it. How can you reach a goal if you don’t even know what the goal is?

One of the biggest reasons I see for this lack of clarity is that people feel like they shouldn’t desire more money–that somehow wanting more money is a bad thing. (Trust me, I still battle with these same limiting beliefs myself from time to time.) But the truth is, you deserve as much money as you want. Now, that doesn’t always mean a million dollars. Sometimes just having another $5,000 per year is all you need. But unless you take the time to get clear about how much money you actually need every year to live your dream life, you will never truly know–and that makes it super difficult to plan and actually achieve your goals.

In this week’s Financially Wise video, I discuss the power of creating a dream budget and share how this exercise will not only help you define how much money you need every year to live your dream life, but also serve as a catalyst for you to make this dream a reality.

If you’re ready to finally start living your dream life, you must watch this video, then leave a comment about what you think. This is a very powerful exercise, and if done with honesty and integrity, it can be the first step into a whole new financial–and life–trajectory.






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