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5 Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Personal Finances

Alright, we’re officially 15 days into the new year. Every year, you are given a chance to start down a new path in your financial life. A chance to change how you feel about your money and your finances once and for all. A chance to begin to manage your money with grace and ease, and use it to live a life you love.

You have this opportunity every day, of course, but at the start of a new year, when finances are on everyone’s mind, you have the power to truly make proactive change in how you deal with money, think about money, manage money…and so on.

So in today’s video, I share five simple yet powerful ways you can take control of your finances in 2014. These tips may seem simple, but so many people overlook the power they hold. And when they’re practiced on a regular basis, your financial life will start to become something you’re actually excited about, versus something you feel trapped by. The feelings of being stuck, stressed, overwhelmed and anxious will begin to be replaced by feelings of fun, peace, clarity and bliss–because when you begin to see your money in a new way, you can begin a loving, healthy relationship with it and use it to create the life of your dreams.

Money is something that will be around for your entire life–and it’s better to learn how to manage and deal with it from a loving, empowering place as soon as you can.

So if you’re ready to start learning about personal finance in a fun, easy way, make sure you check out my new Money Class, which opens January 27!

I will be sending out more information about the class over the next few weeks, but in a nutshell, it’s a six-week online home-study course that will teach you the basics of money management and financial planning in a way that actually makes sense. And best part of all, you can become a member of a private Facebook group dedicated to those who are enrolled in the course to continue to receive additional support on your financial journey.

Remember to watch the video above and mark your calendars for the open enrollment that begins January 27.

Have a stellar week-and happy New Year!






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