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5 Roadblocks To Financial Success

A lot of people I work with and talk to on a regular basis share their deepest money fears, anxieties and concerns with me. Most of them come to me feeling alone on their financial journeys, and lost about what to do next since they never received an adequate financial education growing up. The confusion about how much to save, how to pay off your debt, what to invest in, how to balance saving and spending, what insurance is needed, how much to save for retirement, how to put aside money for your kids’ college education, etc. is something that we all struggle with. What I’ve found is that the difference between those who have a solid financial foundation and achieve their financial goals are the ones who take the time to learn about personal finance and overcome the major roadblocks that everyone faces with their money.

I know you want to get to a place in your financial life where you have fun with your money, make more and save more of it, and invest more in your financial future. I believe the best way to do that is through financial education and financial planning. And my new Money Class will provide you with all the tools you need to help build a strong foundation for your financial life and ease any stress, worry or anxiety you have about your money. It opens January 27, and I hope to see you in the class!

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