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Welcome To The Money Class

Dear Future Money Class Students,

There are some things I have to get out. There are mistakes in the Money Class. There are grammar errors in the course. When I was recording a specific Module I noticed that there was a word that should have been “what” instead of “why” or “why” instead of “what.” I was aware of it as I finalized the recording and deliberately left it as an error instead of re-recording the entire module because I wanted to make a statement. A statement that the Money Class is not perfect, WE as human beings are not perfect. Perfection is impossible and something I spent 28 years of my life trying to achieve because that is what we are taught to strive for in society. It was exhausting. I chose to leave this error (probably way more) in because I wanted to show you that this is what my Financially Wise Women movement is all about.

I know not everyone will understand and that’s okay. I am not for everyone. But what I do know, is that focusing on the grammar errors in the class is not the way either. It’s our ego minds trying to find the one thing that is wrong in the situation so we are taken out of the present moment and miss all the beauty of what is. And it happens all the time in our financial lives. Our ego will focus on everything that is wrong in our financial lives, rather than see all the other things that are so beautiful and amazing. It’s a daily practice to stay mindful and aware of our relationship with money, but TOGETHER, we can transform our ways of living, financially and in every other aspect of our lives. That’s the financial freedom everyone is seeking out, whether they know it or not.

You see, for me, this Money Class is a co-collaboration with the women who buy and enroll in it. It is an art, a dance we will do together. An evolution. And as WE come together and share our financial journeys with one another, WE will make it better as WE go along. WE will grow and expand together and I will continue to improve the class (anticipate updating the material often) and bring more and more to the women enrolled in the Money Class as WE discover, TOGETHER, what is needed. This is how I choose to run my business, as a co-collaboration with my clients, students and customers. And in case you haven’t noticed, this is the huge shift that is occurring in the world. As my soul sister Jaclyn has been preaching for over two years now, business is not me standing on a podium saying I know everything and you don’t, therefore you must buy from me because I am triggering your fear and insecurity to make you buy. NO! Business is about connecting back to the heart and ME standing alongside YOU, saying I am not perfect, I don’t know everything, but I can serve you in this area of your life and WE can work together so you feel empowered and excited with your money.

This is the movement I am leading. To come together and say, I’m imperfect, you’re imperfect, let’s be perfectly imperfect together. This is the heart-based business I run. It’s about dropping into our hearts and creating a community together, remembering we are all one. It’s about Growth, Vulnerability, Authenticity, Expansion, Truth and Love. This is what I am teaching and leading within the Money Class and the #Financiallywisewomen movement.

And this is why I am so passionate about the work that I do and now, hopefully you understand what this Money Class really is. It’s not just Money, it’s your life. I’ve been prepping my whole life for this work that I’ve been called to do and I am ready.

Now, the question is, are you?

Love and gratitude,

Brittney P.S. Curious about what the Money Class really looks like when you enroll? Watch this behind the scenes video where I take you into the member’s only Money Class website. You will LOVE it!






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