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Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Love is in the air! Can you feel it? I can!

I believe Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love. It’s a time when you can make sure you show your friends and loved ones you care. However, since love can be celebrated year round it’s also important to not get all caught up in the commercialism of the holiday and break your budget trying to impress one another by spending way too much on gifts.

Americans spent $18.6 Billion on Valentine’s Day Gifts last year, which is about $130.97 per person. Now, some may be able to afford this type of gift allowance for this one holiday but since we all know money can’t buy love, maybe this year you can find more financially wise ways to say “I love you.”

This week on Financially Wise Wednesday I have a special Valentine’s Day gift for you…. Some Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Idea’s to use making your day unique and memorable!

  1. Watch an old movie at home together, with popcorn and soft drinks and candy – movie-theater style.

  2. Cook dinner as a couple- find a recipe to create together and enjoy it intimately.

  3. Host a Couples Game Night- Invite a few couples over and invite everyone to bring a dish of yummy eats and have a game night celebrating love together.

  4. Go watch a sunset together- connect with one another and connect with nature.

  5. Take a dance class together – you can try Salsa, Tango or something else that is fun for the both of you.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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