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10 Things Every Female Should Know About Money

Since I started Financially Wise Women as a blog in November 2010, I have to come to learn that what women need most in life, is a great group of other women who they can share the ups and downs of the journey of life with. There is something very powerful about women coming together to remind one another of our unique strengths and challenges in all areas of our life, especially money.

Recently, I watched SoulPancake’s 10 Things Every Woman Should Know video and was so moved, I wanted to do my own version of it, this time focusing on money.

This week’s video is a little different than my normal Financially Wise Wednesday videos. My hope is that what I share in this video inspires you in your own life and reminds you how truly beautiful you are.

Please share this video with your closet women friends and help spread the word about this Financially Wise Women movement.

The more we unite and stand hand in hand in this movement, the more we will all rise in our financial lives and feel even more empowered with our money and finances.

Cheers to being remarkable just as you are.

Love always,


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