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6 Tips To Spend Wisely On Self-Care

Massages, pedicures, hair appointments, yoga classes, and more.

These are some of the things I really enjoy in life and make me feel my best. In fact, last year I went through a stage in my life where I wanted to really honor myself more and take my self-care regime to a whole new level without feeling guilty about spending money on these things.

After speaking with lots of women on this issue, I found that a lot of women understand the important of taking good care of themselves but struggled with the money aspect of doing so.

So, since I realized I was not alone in this self-care struggle, I came up with a solution to help you honor your self-care needs and still stay within your budget every month.

In this week’s Financially Wise video, I share 6 tips to help you spend wisely on self-care.

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