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What’s the Big Deal About the Money Class?

You know, something about the month of April makes my heart sing louder than any of the other months. I think it has to do with the fact that my birthday is in April, and this year I’m turning the big 3-0!

Birthdays are a really special time for us all, and lately I have been truly enjoying living more boldly and spreading the Financially Wise Women message to the masses.

I’ve started a new gig as a host for the Next Generation Startups segments, which will be launching soon; I work with amazing financial planning clients who are making massive strides in their financial lives; and I have lots of Money Class students getting so much value from the course teachings.

Plus, my weekly #danceoff Friday videos are gaining traction, and my pup Arya is loving all the attention she’s been getting thanks to her frequent video appearances. To say life is grand is an understatement.

But my life hasn’t always been this dreamy. In fact, just a few years ago, I was at a crossroads and knew that if I didn’t stop doing the things I was not passionate about—and start doing the things that make my heart sing–that I would have regrets later in life.

So I got really clear about what I wanted in life and started the work, piece by piece, to let go of what no longer fit so I could call in my deepest dreams and desires in life.

One of those dreams was to launch an online class to teach women personal finance and money management in a way that actually made sense. So I worked my butt off to create the course and launched the Money Class this past January. I have a big dream: to see thousands of women in this online course—and even take the curriculum to teen girls to help reach women at an even younger age on their financial journey.

I am very passionate about the Money Class because I know what financial education can do for one’s financial life. The Money Class is designed to…

  • Help women go from living paycheck to paycheck to having enough income every month to pay for their dream lifestyle and save for their financial future.

  • Help women get unstuck in their financial lives and learn what money beliefs are holding them back from having the peace of mind and clarity with their money.

  • Help women understand why investing in things like the stock market is critical to their long-term financial health, and how to understand the risks involved in investing so that they can stay the course.

  • Help women overcome the fear that they will not have enough money to ever retire, and to actually learn how to calculate how much they need for their retirement years.

You see, we all have the potential to make the income we desire and have a cash cushion, zero debt and investments for our long term goals. But the people who actually live in this state of financial well-being are the ones who took time to get educated about money and learn the systems and strategies to maneuver through life’s inevitable ups and downs without getting financially wiped out.

This is why the Money Class is a big deal. Through my teachings, I am not just teaching you money management, but also the universal truths about money and how to incorporate a holistic, spiritual point of view to help you become financially well-off and have a meaningful life, too.

I want this life for you, too. It is one that takes effort to create, but with the right teachers (ahem, me!) you can begin the work necessary to make this your reality.

I know money can be hard. But this is your chance. This is your chance to take your financial life by the reins and create your dream life using your money. The reward will not only be monetary, but if done right, you will experience such an excitement for life and feel the same love for it that I do on a daily basis.

Enroll in the Money Class and let the new journey begin.

Curious about what women are saying about the Money Class?

Here are just a few testimonials from current Money Class students:

“Within the first few minutes of the Financially Wise Women Money Class, I discovered just how far back my attitudes toward money were rooted– how deeply ingrained they are, and how those attitudes influence my money life today! It was liberating to realize that I could shift those old attitudes by simply making myself aware they existed. Amaze-balls! ‘Aha!’ moments abound!”

-Gina Rose

“It’s very helpful to see a chart and your class is amazing. I’m looking at money in a whole new way. Thank you so much. Right now I’m exploring ways to generate more income and cut back on spending. Thanks.”


Enroll in the Money Class today.

Your dream life is waiting!