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I Got It From My Momma

You know a lot shapes how we feel and think about money. Most of it we learn from our parents, either directly or indirectly.

In honor of Mother’s day this weekend, I recently reflected on all the wonderful things I learned from my mom about managing money. Both her and my Dad have been excellent role models for me when it comes to financial success and somehow they managed to raise a family of five off of one income growing up, which now seems almost impossible.

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with a mother who is not only loving, compassionate and the most nurturing person I know, but who is the original Financially Wise Woman (O.G. FWW). She has always been great at budgeting, finding the best deals in town, and negotiating prices among other things and continues to teach me about money even to this day.

So with Mother’s day this weekend, take time to explore what you learned from your Mom about money. You may find not all the things you’ve learned from your mom about money are good, that’s okay, just become aware of them and work on keeping what works and drop what doesn’t work in your financial life.

Then, check out this video where I share some of my favorite money tips I’ve learned from my mom and how they can help you in your own financial life today.

One of them she even did this weekend when we went shopping! This woman is no joke a Financially Wise Woman!

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