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How to Talk Money with Your Honey

Are you having trouble taking about money with your honey?

You know, money is one of those subjects that cause so much stress and anxiety within relationships—and yet it’s also still the subject that is talked about the least.

The fact that money is so emotional makes the “money talk” challenging when it comes to romantic relationships, but with simple awareness and some key tips and strategies, you can transform your money talks with your significant other from conversations that are of full of stress, anxiety, anger and resentment into ones full of love, passion, purpose and excitement.

After all, money is just a tool to help you live your dream life, so when you combine that with the one you love most, anything is possible!

Remember, you’re not alone. We are all challenged by money talks with our loved ones. But take the steps necessary to change this—for yourself and for your relationship.

To get started, watch this hilarious video that Financially Wise Man Stanley Johnson and I did together to share some common money struggles and tips to overcome them in relationships.

If you found this video helpful, please share it with your circle of friends so we can all transform our money talks into loving, compassionate and easy conversations.

Tips to Talk Money With Your Honey Successfully:

1. Schedule weekly money dates to talk about money together. Make sure you both come to the conversation ready for the “money talk.” 2. Start by asking about each other’s money story/past. 3. Ask about each other’s dreams and goals in life. 4. Listen and be compassionate with one another. 5. Practice, practice, practice.

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