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Are You A Gold Digger?

You know what’s sexy?

A woman who knows who she is in life and isn’t afraid to share her authentic self with the world.

You know what’s even sexier?

A woman who knows who she is in life, isn’t afraid to share her authentic self with the world—and is also financially wise.

Yes, that’s right. When you’re in control of your financial life, it’s the sexiest thing ever. When you say things like, “Budgets are fun, making money is fun, managing my money is so easy, I love investing,” etc.,you become so attractive.

Okay, you may think my opinion is biased, as I’m a financial planner. But I know I’m not the only one who finds being financially wise attractive.

After all, if you ask someone who they’d rather date or be with long term, you never hear them say,“I want to be with someone who is financially clueless, irresponsible and irrational.”

So, why do women avoid money? Well, I think there are many reasons, but one main one is that we think finances are boring and lame. However, you have the power to make money and managing your finances whatever you want it to be. If you think it’s boring, lame and hard, then that’s exactly what it will be. If you think managing your money is fun, exciting and easy, then that’s exactly what you’ll experience.

So to help you see that, watch my latest rap video, where I show you how fun and easy finances can be.






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