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Which Account Is Best For Investing?

Do you have moments when you’re learning something new, and before you know it your eyes glaze over and you’re no longer paying attention?

For me, anytime something gets too technical or over-complicated, I immediately begin to check out. The older I get, the more basic I like to keep things. It helps me retain information better and also helps me manage my time wisely, because for me, time is my most valuable commodity.

I use this same approach when working with my clients. I explain financial strategies and concepts to them in a way that is easy to understand —not because they’re not savvy enough to grasp them, but because we live in an information-overloaded world and the more simple I keep things, the more impact I see in their financial lives. I take great pride in this.

And in today’s video, I do just that. I explain the differences between a 401k, Traditional IRA and Roth IRA to help you understand which account may be best for investing in your long-term financial goals.

Watch this video now, then request your free Discovery Session with me so we can create a financial road map to help you maximize your income and assets for your financial goals.

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