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Passion + Dreams + Money Love = Rich, Happy, Fulfilled

Do you ever get annoyed at the “just follow your dreams” advice?

I mean, how you actually do that, given everything you have to pay for and save for in life?

This was the question I really asked myself more than two years ago, when I set out to pursue my own dream life. What I found is that, more often than not, people fall victim to the status quo in life—they’re afraid of change, too invested in what others think, overwhelmed by options–only to see the years fly by without making any significant progress toward their deepest dreams and desires.

Choosing the path of “living your dream life” is not an easy one, but as I know from personal experience, it is sooo worth it. I always try to live by the mindset of soaking up life for all it offers, having as fun as possible along the way and continuing to pursue my dreams, regardless of how scary that may be. And since I’ve been on this journey, I’ve learned to use my money to support my dream life and still be able to pay for my bills and save for my future financial goals.

This is what I call Financially Wise Living.

To help you get started turning your own dream life into a reality, watch this week’s Financially Wise Living episode, where I share how to uncover your deepest dreams in life and how to translate those dreams into financial goals you’re actually inspired to achieve.

Head over to the blog now to watch this video, and if you haven’t already received your free Financially Wise Toolkit with the Dream Worksheet in it, make sure you do so by emailing me back at






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