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Green is the New Black

Close your eyes. Picture a pipe that is full of money moving easily through it. See the green bills flowing down this pipe like water flowing down a river. Now increase the width of the pipe so that it can hold more money. See the expansion of the pipe and the expansion of the money flowing through it.

Now picture a huge clog in the pipe. See a rubber stopper in it, clogging the flow of money. See how, all of a sudden, the movement stops and can no longer flow easily through the pipe. Visualize this and how annoying it is. Now imagine the clog going away and the flow happening easily again. Picture this as clearly as possible.

Money affects us all. We have to earn it, manage it, spend it, save it, invest it–and yet how many of us stop to actually think about what money really is?

Money is a currency, which comes from the word “current,” which means “flow.” It flows into and out of our lives. And to understand how this flow affects us, we have to think holistically about how we interact with our money on a daily basis.

An easy question to start with is: How do you feel about the bills you currently pay?

Do you hold any grudges with certain monthly expenses? For example, maybe you have debt and are making your debt payments every month, yet resenting the fact that so much of your income goes to those payments.

Or maybe you have a medical bill that came up that was unexpected, so now you are super annoyed that you have to use so much of your money to pay it off.

I want you to review your monthly expense list and check in to see how you feel toward each expense. Do you see wasted money? Do you see expenses that piss you off? If so, can you change them or eliminate them? And if not, how can you forgive the expense and switch your mindset to something more positive?

For example, regarding your debt, instead of always getting upset about how much student loan debt you have and how screwed up the system is, look at it as an investment in your future. Think of your student loans as something that you are grateful to pay off because your education allowed you to learn more about life, a specific subject and now, possibly, about money.

Whether you believe it or not, the more negativity you have about the money that goes out, the more clogs you are creating for the overall money flow in your life. It is critical to have the right intention behind your money when you are earning it and spending it. If you don’t, you might find that you have a lot of money but still don’t feel fulfilled–or that you’re continuing to live paycheck to paycheck, wondering why you cannot earn more money to help cover your bills and pay for the life you want to live.

Anytime you feel stuck with your earning or spending, check in with your monthly budget and see if there are any clogs in your flow. The more you can combine this holistic mindset about your money with your budget and financial plan, the more fulfilled you will feel in your financial life overall.

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