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30 Day Money Detox: Week Two – Clarity

Did you enjoy Week One of the 30-Day Money Detox? What part did you find most challenging? Email me your thoughts, as I would love to know what your biggest take-away was.

When I first implemented the 50/20/30 rule in my life, it allowed me to see where I stood in relation to the ratio and how I could make shifts in my spending to make the numbers add up. I was able to identify areas to cut back on to make this allocation work and identify what really was important to me.

Now, that you have cleansed and cut out the waste for seven days, it’s time to get clear about what truly matters most to you. These are your non-negotiables–the things you really want to spend your money on because they add joy to your everyday life.

For me, weekly massages and coffee dates are a must-have. These things help me feel my best and bring me happiness, and once I gave myself permission to spend money on them, I felt incredibly relieved. Giving myself permission to spend money on these things enabled me to actually enjoy these so-called “vices” and not feel guilty about them.

Watch this week’s video, where I help you identify yours, and you’ll see how little tweaks to your spending habits can add up to create massive change.



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