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The 30 Day Money Detox: Week Three- Commit

I’m sure you’ve heard that it takes 21 days to build a new habit. And yes, 21 days is great, but I think 30 days is even better when it comes to creating lasting change.

Since we are now in Week Three of the 30-Day Money Detox, it’s time to build healthy new habits with your money, baby!

Don’t worry, I’m here to help. You may have already felt the initial motivation and excitement of the Money Detox wear off (ugh, isn’t that so annoying?).

Look, I know how it is. You want to change, you’ve been changing, and now your silly ego is storming in to take you down and make you go back to your old ways.

But this is the week to say, “No thanks, ego, I have a new plan to deal with my money!”

Week Three of the 30-Day Money Detox is all about commitment. Don’t run away yet–I know commitment can be scary, but think of your money as a sexy, hot lover that you just are so ready to commit to and spend the rest of your life with–regardless of how many obstacles and challenges come up in your relationship.

And in today’s video, I share the No. 1 secret to committing to your money, and how this one commitment can change your entire relationship with money for the better.

Also, make sure to join us on the live call tonight to review Week Three and get help with any of the areas of the 30-Day Money Detox you’re struggling with.

This is the year to go big or go home. Don’t let the old stuff hold you back. This is the time to go deep into your financial life and make the changes you desire most.



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