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30-Day Money Detox: Week 4- Confidence

Fake it until you become it.

Any new habit or role you take on in life takes time to fully accept and embrace. It’s easy to say you want something, but the real work comes from actually taking the steps to make it happen, and from there having confidence with your actions.

When it comes to money, a lot of people get trapped by the mindset that you are either “good” or “bad” at managing your money. There is no such thing. In fact, it’s our own minds that keep us thinking we are “bad” at managing money.

My motto in life, is fake it until you become it.

When you want to get better at something, it takes the initial decision, commitment and then ongoing practice. Then one day you feel confident in your new skill or role and no longer remember that at one time you actually weren’t what you are now.

When you can have confidence with your money and financial decisions, you’re in the power seat. With confidence, you know you can do whatever it is you want. It’s a state of mind and one that is absolutely necessary to achieve long-term financial success.

Week Four of the 30-Day Money Detox is all about confidence. Not the arrogant, self-absorbed kind, but the real, “I feel it on the inside” kind.

Watch the video now then join us on the live call tonight ** to review it all and celebrate the last week of the 30-Day Money Detox.

This is the homeward stretch and the time to bring everything you’ve got.

Don’t give up now. What you desire is just around the corner.

You can do it and I believe in you!.



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