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Romantic V-Day Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

$10, $100, $1,000. How much is the appropriate amount to spend on your loved one for Valentine’s Day?

I don’t know about you, but I find the Valentine’s Day holiday very intriguing. Most people end up rushing around trying to find the “perfect” gift for their mates, only to end up feeling stressed, guilty or embarrassed at the amount of money they need to show how much they really love that person.

As much as I love celebrating Valentine’s Day–no matter how cliché it is–I also believe it’s best to stay present and conscious when spending money during this time. That way you can honor your original intention of showcasing your love for someone else while not falling victim to the financial traps of the holiday.

So make sure to watch this week’s Financially Wise Living episode, where I’m sharing some simple, romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that won’t break your bank.

And in the meantime, show yourself some love by making the investment in your own financial future. You can check out which financial service is right for you and begin the steps to use your money to live a life you love.

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