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Three Tips to Help You Live More Mindful!

This week, I’m thrilled to welcome Danielle Cuccio—founder of Cuccio Somatology—back to Financially Wise Living TV!

You might be wondering what exactly somatology is—and Danielle is here to explain. In a nutshell, somatology is the study of the body; Danielle assists others in improving their general wellness and aesthetic appearance by sharing information and helping them practice healthy lifestyle habits. She helps her clients achieve mental, spiritual and physical alignment in order to achieve a true state of health and happiness.

In addition to sharing more about her business, in this video Danielle will show us three simple ways to practice a healthy lifestyle and remain a happy and financially wise woman. A positive outlook on money is an added benefit of your mind, body and soul being in balance!

And remember, if you need a guide on your personal finance journey, I’m here to help—whether you’re just starting out or right in the middle of it. Schedule a free Discovery session with me today.

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