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Easy Workout Moves to Keep You Healthy Every Day

In this week’s Financially Wise Living episode, my friend Tiffany O. Hakimianpour is back to show us how easy it is to work out and stay healthy—all while remaining financially wise.

Tiffany is the founder of a genius app called Handstand, which allows users to hire a personal trainer whenever they want for a small fee—no contracts, no tips, no hassle. In this video, Nikka, one of Handstand’s awesome trainers, is guiding us through a series of moves that I promise even the busiest of working women can squeeze in every day. (In fact, make sure you bookmark this video so you can come back to it!)

Remember, taking care of yourself is so important for every part of your life, including your financial one. I hope you find this video inspiring and informative—and if you have any questions about financial planning, I’m here to help.

Wishing you lots of love, success and happy, sweaty endorphins!


P.S. Use promo code: FWW10 to save $10 off your first Handstand session of choice! Enter it at checkout and you’re good to go. Book from Web or Download in your App




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