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How Much Money Should I Have in the Bank to Start My Own Biz?

Today I’m so excited to share a new series I’m doing in collaboration with Jen Hacker of Toast Meets Jam! In “How to Manage Your Money as a New Entrepreneur,” we’ll be sharing smart strategies to help you get your new business up and running.

First up: How do you save up the right amount of money when you want to start your own business and leave that 9-5 paycheck behind?

The short answer is: Clarity, clarity, clarity! You need to know how much money you need every month to live (be honest about it!), and you should save up 6 months’ worth of that amount before you make the leap of starting your own business. Then keep that number in your head so you can grow your business and afford to pay yourself that income every month.

Curious to learn more?


I hope you enjoyed the first video in my series with Jen—stay tuned for the next in this four-part series coming your way soon!

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