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Deliver Your Silver Platter!

***Please note the audio for this video does not work on any mobile phone devices and must be played from a desktop computer, laptop or tablet to ensure correct audio sound.***

Right now you’re probably thinking, “What does she mean by ‘silver platter’?”

Well, in today’s Financially Wise Living episode, I’m explaining exactly that—and how you can use your silver platter to help you in your negotiations.

Basically, I always recommend that you write down everything great you’re doing at your job—bringing in revenue, contributing to a great working environment, working well with others, etc. All of these great traits are your silver platter—which you should present when you begin a negotiation.

Take time to build out your silver platter—and if there are things you want to include on it, figure out a game plan to make them happen. Do whatever you need to do to increase your value so you can make the money you deserve—and never be afraid to go after what you want.

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