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What the Heck is a Mutual Fund?

Ready to invest your money in mutual funds but not even sure what a mutual fund is?

Don’t worry, gurl, I got you!

So let’s say you’ve built your cash cushion, are putting money into your retirement account, and still have more money you can put away for the future. Well, that’s when it’s time to start investing into the stock market.

But what stocks should you choose? And what exactly is a mutual fund, anyway?

To make it super simple, in this week’s FWL episode I’m talking all about mutual funds and breaking them down in a way that actually makes sense.

Watch the episode now–then leave a comment and tell us: Do you invest in mutual funds? Why or why not?

I really enjoy hearing from you and love when you share your own financial success stories–they inspire others on their financial journey and they make me feel all warm and gooey inside!