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July 17, 2019

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Financially Wise Fashion: My Frangi Pangi


Ladies, let’s get real: have you ever struggled to find pantyhose that match the shade of your skin?


I have to wear business attire frequently, and pantyhose are part of the package when it comes to my outfits. But for years I was relegated to either black tights or shades that were too light for my Latina skin.


So imagine my excitement when my friends at Pistol & Stamen introduced me to Frangi Pangi–a new line of hosiery designed for women of every color by a women of color. My Frangi Pangi is made in the North Carolina and offers hosiery in 10 different skin tones, and the stockings are strong, soft and silky.


Best of all? Frangi Pangi guarantees that you can wear your stockings at least four times with no runs–saving you time and money running to the store to buy a new pair. And the company donates a percentage of its profits to Caroline’s Room, which build safe havens in hospital NICUs.


Now that’s #financiallywise!

If you see me out and about soon, you can pretty much guarantee I’ll be wearing my new Frangi Pangi pantyhose.

For more information about Frangi Pangi, visit

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